Poems About Trust

PoemsAbout Trust

A poem about trust explores the emotional connections between individuals. Trust, in simple words, means believing and having confidence in someone. In any relationship, trust is key, and without it, the bond between two people can quickly crack.

“All the world is made of faith, trust, and pixie dust.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Trust is a feeling of security and faith. Trusting someone can lead to happiness and sometimes to heartbreak. Trust poetry tells us how valuable trust is in this world. A poem about trust offers a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of this fundamental human emotion.

In addition to the Poem about trust, there is a collection of famous poems about trust. This trust poetry encourages the reader or listener to have faith and trust, whether about their relationship or achieving goals. With trust, they can move forward and be successful in every field.

A Short Poem About Trust

Sri Chinmoy

Trust not what you hear,
Trust not what you see,
But trust
What you feel

Broken Trust

Thought I could trust you
But clearly, I was wrong
You made me trust you
But only for you to break my trust
You promised me everything
And I believed you
But now I’m regretting it
You broke me into pieces
Pieces that can no longer be put together
You broke my trust
Now how will I ever trust again?

Life Is Too Short

Learn to believe!
Life is too short
And try to believe someone
Trust, credibility, and more
Belief is not broken.
Time passes
But of the bitterness given
The traces remain.

I Wish I Could

A love that’s so true,
A love that’s as deep
As the ocean is blue.
I could feel so safe in
A love that brings happiness to me
A love I feel so comfortable in
I feel the energy
A love that I could finally find my peace of mind
A love that’s as real
A love that’s a haven
A love where my heart and soul can roam.
A love that I can trust
A love that’s the future
I’ve always dreamed,
A love that’s a promise
That can’t be redeemed.
A love that’s so simple
And yet so profound,
A love that’s the treasure
I’ve finally found it.

Trust And Success

Success! It is won by a patient endeavor.
Energy’s fire and the flame-glow of Will
By grasping the chance with a “Now, now or never!”
Urging on, on! while the laggard stands still.

Success! It is facing life’s trials, undaunted;
Fighting the present – forgetting the past:
By trusting to Fate, though for years she has taunted,
And bearing time’s scars; facing front, to the last!

Success! Would you win it and wear its bright token?
Smile and step out to the drummer’s light lilt.
Fight on till the last inch of the sword blade is broken.
Then do not say die. Fight on with the hilt!

People Know

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

When trust is broken
Words often go unspoken.

No longer is a relationship
One of truth and kinship.

Trust is always earned
It is a principle we all learn.

A trusting reputation will be one
Where only you by your actions will be undone.

Always be that person who is trusting
Then life will need no adjusting.

People know what you say and do
Are a reflection of the true you.

Friendship’s Trust

Sri Chinmoy

When we are friendly,
We appreciate.
When we appreciate,
We trust.
When we trust,
We love.
When we love,
We become one.

Advice To A Son

Never trust a white man.
Never kill a Jew.
Never sign a contract.
Never rent a pew.
Don’t enlist in armies;
Nor marry many wives;
Never write for magazines;
Never scratch your hives.
Always put paper on the seat,
Don’t believe in wars,
Keep yourself both clean and neat,
Never marry whores.
Never pay a blackmailer,
Never go to law,
Never trust a publisher,
Or you’ll sleep on straw.
All your friends will leave you
All your friends will die
So lead a clean and wholesome life
And join them in the sky.

Truth, Trust, And honesty

Truth, trust, and honesty align with one another
To form the coalition, that bondsman to man as brother
The truth is what we tell our friends, so they know where they stand
The truth is sadly missing now; there’s so much that’s underhand.
Trust is gained from talking straight, and liars are worse than thieves
Trust a thief; you know he’s a thief, but a liar no one ever believes
Honesty costs nothing, but it makes a friendship strong
Honesty’s a virtue, for without it friendships gone
Honesty is the lynchpin that can make the world run straight and true
But without truth, trust, and honesty, what is there for me and you?

Saying The Words

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Just saying the words, trust me
Does not feel people with glee.
Your actions will determine
Your life better than a sermon.

The actions of your daily life
When pressures build up, do you take it in strife?
When someone else tells you a secret
Do you always keep it?
When you say you will do it,
Do you do it now or wait a bit?
Do people depend on you
to do the things you say you will do?

You see trust is made up of a lot of little things
It is everyday actions and what you bring,
That will depend on the level that people trust you
So rather than talk, stay true to your word and just do!

A poem about trust can make us feel happy and sad or even help us understand important things in life. I hope you enjoyed this trust poetry.


What are Hafiz’s poems?

Hafiz, also known as Hafez, was a 14th-century Persian poet whose works are celebrated for their profound and mystical themes.

Why is poetry so famous?

Poetry is famous because it has a unique ability to capture complex emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a concise and artistic form.

What are good poem words?

time (944)
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What kind of poetry did Muslims write?

Muslim poets have written a wide range of poetry, including religious and spiritual poetry, love poetry, and poetry that explores themes of nature, philosophy, and social issues. Islamic poetry, in particular, often focuses on devotion to God,

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Determining the “biggest” poet in Arabic literature is subjective

Who is the biggest poet in Arabic?

Determining the “biggest” poet in Arabic literature is subjective

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What on earth deserves our trust poem?

Youth and beauty are both dust. Long we gathering in pain, what one moment calls again?

Why is Palestine so famous?

Palestine is famous for its historical and cultural significance, particularly in relation to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its role as a symbol of the struggle for self-determination and statehood.

: What are 5 lines poems?

A quintain (also known as a quintet) is any poetic form or stanza that contains five lines.

What is the poem Trust by Susan Kinsolving about?

Ans: In the trust of Susan Kinsolving, the speaker meditates on how many unimaginable things exist as witnesses without humanity and continue to exist.

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