Poems About Justice

Poems About Justice

In this poetry collection, we will share some poems about justice, but before going to that poetry section, let’s see what it means. Justice is about making sure that people are treated with kindness and respect, no matter where they come from or what they look like.

People in the land of justice work together to solve problems, and when someone makes a mistake, they help each other to make it better next time.

Justice poetry covers many topics, including civil rights, human rights, social justice, and many more. These poems about justice highlight the importance of being fair, helping others, and standing up against things that are not right.

Justice For All

By Alexis Karpouzos

In the burrows of the Nightmare
Where Justice naked is,
life watches from the shadow
And the stars go squawking
but Life remains a blessing
No winter without a spring
beyond the dark horizon a brighter day
For those who leave us for a while
Out of a restless, care worn world
Our hearts will once more sing
a sun will always sing
and a sky will carry our heart into stars.

Oppressive Flavours

This side
Oppresses in one
The center of the universe

That side
Oppresses through the many
The chosen ones

Injustice happens in many ways
At least let us choose

Before The Fall And Justice For All

they say pride comes
before the fall
who will be there for you
if there is anyone at all
surely things can not go on
as they have done all along
where tyrants reign and
justice is merely feigned

don your armor and
prepare your swords
for the things i speak
are not merely words
i challenge you to fight the war
the dawn is coming and
soon you will see
your cruelty will no
longer be endured


Make the punishment fit the crime
usual suspects, rounded up
One of them a shrinking violet
Pass the buck became silent
The inspector looked the eyes
Who should be blamed for the crimes?
Parents, teachers, friends or none
society, the fertile ground?
Addressing the shrinking violet
Asked inspector with a cry
Why the hell have you done
such a crime with a gun?
He was silent like a dumb
Marching quite a different drum
He did not like to say
anything about what he’s done
He looked shyly at his friends
Maybe someone gives him help
Everyone was without a word
They were all in blind alley
Waiting the sentence to be carried

The Breaking of the Law

By Allen Grossman

Strapped to the bed of circumcision lies
My son. This mutilation ties
You to the fathers. They will never let
You forget, or your flesh be enfranchised ever,
Though you pray all your life long.
They set you early on the rack, infect you with a fever
Of remembering. In the marriage bed,
When you are naked, there the sign is red.
There is neither meeting nor mating but the past
Cries that you’ve been waited for and wed already—
I will not bless this mark upon your body.
For you the hurricane is rising fast;
I feel the horns of Moses in my head
And Law wrenched again from the dead
Hand of deity, and I descend out of the blast to you
Mad with loneliness upon this bed.
But I reserve also the rage
That broke the Law upon you like a rain of stone
That other time I saw you so could yearn.
The Law is broken, baby. I will not ascend again.

Lady’s Justice

Lady Justice, strong and fair,
With scales in hand and flowing hair,
She stands tall, unwavering and true,
A symbol of justice for me and you.

Her sword is sharp, her scales are just,
She upholds the law with honor and trust,
She sees no color, no bias or creed,
Only truth and justice, in every deed.

Her blindfold is a testament to all,
That justice is blind, to great and small,
That every person, rich or poor,
Is equal under her watchful score.

Her stance is steady, her purpose clear,
To bring justice to those far and near,
To ensure that every voice is heard,
And every wrong is righted by her word.

So let us honor Lady Justice today,
And strive to live by her virtuous way,
For justice is the cornerstone of all,
And Lady Justice stands firm, proud and tall.

 Distributive justice

Fairness, equity, and justice for all,
These are the values that we must recall,
When we think about a society that’s just,
Where everyone has the chance to trust.

Distributive justice is the key,
To creating a world where we can all be free,
Free to learn, to grow, and to thrive,
Free to pursue our dreams and to survive.

Access to resources is essential,
For all to reach their full potential,
Education, healthcare, and employment too,
These are the things that we all pursue.

But when inequalities abound,
These resources are not equally found,
Some are left behind, excluded and denied,
Their dreams and hopes are pushed aside.

So let us work to make things right,
To end the struggle, to end the fight,
Let us strive to create a fairer world,
Where justice and equity are unfurled.

For when we work towards distributive justice,
We build a society that we can trust,
A society that is just and equitable,
A society that is truly formidable. 

Social Justice

There once was a quest for justice,
Amidst the world’s societal fuss,
With fairness in sight,
And wrongs to right,
We marched forward, hopeful and just.

From the streets to the halls of power,
The movement grew stronger by the hour,
Voices raised high,
In the fight for what’s right,
For equal rights, we never tire.

We speak for those who can’t be heard,
And stand for those who’ve been deterred,
We fight for the poor,
And those who need more,
Our mission remains, undeterred.

We won’t rest until all are free,
From the shackles of inequality,
Till justice prevails,
And love never fails,
We’ll keep on, tirelessly.

So let us raise our voices high,
And fight for justice, till we die,
For social justice, we stand,
Together, hand in hand,
Till every heart beats equally.


Funny how the pendulum moves,
Set swaying by a finger,
Swinging  back and forth
As gravity wages war against momentum,
In a war it always wins,

In relationships too the pendulum rocks
Back and forth
But not for the wronged
For they push it to where
They want it

Because history and the present
Are writ not by the victor
But the wronged against,
And in that the pendulum hangs
At 45 degrees

Seedy Town Blues

The nights are
filled with corrupt
doctors and cops.
Justice, like a dog bite.
Madmen prey on
the weak and needy.
This seedy town ain’t got
nothing for me.
I’m heading out west,
get a longboard
ride the breeze, and
taste the waves…
all the way to
Hawaii baby.

These are the poems about Justice. Hope you enjoyed it a lot.

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