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Poems about laughter are very special for those who always keep smiling in every condition of life. Laughter is the best medicine for living a healthy and happy life. People like those who always keep smiling and have a kind gesture on their faces. Play some funny games with your friends that make you happy.

We all have someone, whether in our friends or in our family circle, who always remains in an extra-happy mode and fills all of his surroundings with happiness. If you want happiness, keep smiling without any reason. Good friends also keep you happy in serious times. I have collected famous poems about laughter that make you happy. Here are some Poems about Laughter

First Laugh

Poet: Althea Randolph
ry rippling notes
Were sung by trilling bird;
But now I know the merry tones
Were Baby’s laugh I heard!

The Happy Man

Poet: Ellen Johnston

Laugh on, laugh on! thou happy man,
While life is young and bright.
For it is not in old withered age that man can
And delight;
Laugh on – and be what thou hast been –
And when that thou art gone,
Thy memory will be cherished in records yet unknown

Grin, Grin, Grin by Catherine Pulsifer

Poet Unknown

A good laugh can take away the blues
It is up to us, we can choose.
You always feel better when you
Have a good laugh, that is so true.

Find a reason to laugh each day
Otherwise, you’ll find yourself going gray.
Don’t hold it in,
Laugh and grin, grin, grin!

I Love A Laugh

Poet: Effie May

I love a laugh, a wild, gay laugh,
Fresh from the fount of feeling.
That speaks a heart enshrined within,
It’s joy revealing.

I love a laugh, a wild, gay laugh:
O, who would always sorrow,
And wear a sad and woful face.
And fear the morrow?

I love a laugh – this world would be,
At best, a dreary dwelling,
If heart could never speak to heart,
It’s pleasure telling.

I love a laugh – it cheers the heart
Of age, bowed down with sadness,
To hear the music in the tones
Of childhood’s gladness.

Then frown not at a wild, gay laugh.
Or chide the merry-hearted;
A cheerful heart and smiling face
Should ne’er be parted.

The Laughter Of Grandchildren

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Grandchildren, I’ve found
Are often oh so sound
At breaking down our walls
And making us laugh at it all

Laughter at life abounds,
But the sweetest one resounds
From smiles of our grandchildren true
That brings laughter for me and you!

A Laugh by  Ripley Dunlap Saunders

Poet: Unknown

A laugh is just like sunshine,
It freshens all the day.
It tips the peak of life with light
And drives the clouds away.
The soul grows glad that hears it
And feels its courage strong;
A laugh is just like sunshine
For cheering folks along.

A laugh is just like music,
It lingers in the heart,
And where its melody is heard,
The ills of life depart;
And happy thoughts come crowding
Its joyful notes to greet;
A laugh is just like music
For making living sweet!

Why Don’t You Laugh

Poet: Unknown

Why don’t you laugh, dear boys, when troubles come,
Instead of sitting ’round so sour and glum?
You cannot have all play,
And sunshine every day;
When troubles come, I say, why don’t you laugh?

Why don’t you laugh, dear girls? ‘Twill ever help to soothe
The aches and pains. No road in life is smooth;
There’s many an unseen bump,
And many a hidden stump
O’er which you’ll have to jump. Why don’t you laugh?

Why don’t you laugh? Don’t let your spirits wait;
Don’t sit and cry because the milk you’ve split;
If you would mend it now,
Pray let me tell you how:
Just milk another cow! Why don’t you laugh?

Why don’t you laugh, and make us all laugh, too,
And keep us mortals all from getting blue?
A laugh will always win;
If you can’t laugh, just grin –
Come on, let’s all join in! Why don’t you laugh?

At Twilight

By Bliss Carman

Then I hear your laughter
At the open door, —
Brightly burns the fire,
I need fear no more.

Now the fire is lighted
On the chimney stone,
Day goes down the valley,
I am left alone.

Now the misty purple
Floods the darkened vale,
And the stars come out
On the twilight trail.

The mountain river murmurs
In his rocky bed,
And the stealthy shadows
Fill the house with dread.

Then I hear your laughter
At the open door, —
Brightly burns the fire,
I need fear no more.


By Amos Russel Wells

Grayness of cold in the woods and the sky,
Bitter of cold in the twilight’s breath;
Dark the desolate pastures lie;
Hushed the home with the hush of death

Lo! in a window a glow of light,—
Marvel of changes! The magic ray
Warms and gladdens the heart of night,
And all the world is relieved and gay.

Thus, when living is cold and drear,
Thus, when heaven and hope are at strife,
Thus the gleam of thy household cheer,—
Humor, the light in the window of life!

 The Last Laugh

Poet: Unknown

One day my half brother Eric
From Oklahoma, visited us
He brought with him some fake vomit
Just to see who he could disgust!
When he was close to my grandma
He heaved and dropped it on the floor
We laughed at the look on her face
First a giggle, then up to a roar!
Then we saw her sweeping it up
At the trash can she threw it in
Even though we said, “It’s not real!”
She shuffled off, and I saw her grin!
by PAT Adams

Laughter by Edgar A. Guest

Poet Unknown

Laughter sort o’ settles breakfast better than digestive pills;
Found it, somehow in my travels, cure for every sort of ills;
When the hired help have riled me with their slipshod, careless ways,
An’ I’m bilin’ mad an’ cussin’ an’ my temper’s all ablaze,
If the calf gets me to laughin’ while they’re teachin’ him to feed
Pretty soon I’m feelin’ better, ’cause I’ve found the cure I need.

Laugh Loser

by Paul Schneiter |

There was a stand-up joke maker

Whose act was a crowd shaker.

She was highly hilarious

But found to be nefarious.

Now her fans in hordes forsake.

I Hope This Gives You A Good Hearty Laugh

Poet: Unknown

I thought it was kind of romantic
I wasn’t being a fanatic
I pulled it out in the cold
You thought that was a bit bold
I wrote it in the snow about you and me
How much I love you I wrote it with my pee

I almost froze it off – it and my left ball
Then you hurt me when you said it was too small
It’s like out of the pool
It follows the same rule
Not that I expected you to drool
But you didn’t need to be cruel

Now I pull it out again and what I write
Your not going to like – it might cause a fight
Not just what it says about you that is quite biting
But the fact it was your sister who did the writing

by Maurice Yvonne

These are the some famous poems about laughter.


What is a humorous poem?

A funny, light-hearted poem that makes you laugh.

What’s the poem that made you laugh and laugh?

In a world of laughter and cheer,
A funny poem, let’s make it clear.
Knock, knock, who’s there, you’ll say,
A giggling joke to brighten your day!

So a chicken crossed the road, we heard,
But for what reason? That’s the word!
To get to the other side, it’s true,
But to join a comedy club, that’s new!

What are topics for silly poems?

Anything funny, like pets, mishaps, or absurd situations.

What poems have 7 lines?

Septets, or poems with 7 lines.

What’s a silly 5-line poem?

A short, funny poem with just five lines.

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