Poems About Lions

poems about lions

Poems about lions explore the physical attributes and behaviors of lions and use them as metaphors for various human qualities. Lions are portrayed in different ways.

Sometimes they are in the background, and others are the main focus. Lion poems take the reader through the experience of connection to nature and the beauty of wild animals.

Lions are often associated with courage and nobility.
Let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy poems about Lion, the King of the Jungle. The lion is considered to be the king of the jungle.

The Lion and the Unicorn

By Anonymous

The lion and the unicorn
Were fighting for the crown;
The lion beat the unicorn
All round about the town.
Some gave them white bread,
And some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake,
And sent them out of town

The Lion

By Hilaraire Belloc

The Lion, the Lion, he dwells in the Waste,
He has a big head and a very small waist;
But his shoulders are stark, and his jaws they are grim,
And a good little child will not play with him.

The Lion And the Fox

By Walter Crane

The first time the Fox had a sight
Of the Lion, he ‘most died of fright;
When he next met his eye,
Fox felt just a bit shy;
But the next–quite at ease, & polite.

The Lion in Lov

By Walter Crane

Though the Lion in love let them draw
All his teeth, and pare down every claw,
He’d no bride for his pains,
For they beat out his brains
Ere he set on his maiden a paw.

Lion King’s Yes-Men

King blew bubbles from his lounging couch!
One hit persnickety rabbit, and he yelled ouch!
It did not hurt you the royal yes-men said.
They always said this, being rather brain-dead.

Oooh, I am So Frightened!

Oooh I am so totally frightened now said Lion Number One.
Lion Tamer Cray-cray looks stupid; this will be much fun!
Does he think the chair will stop me? Asked Lion Number Two.
They lay on the floor of the circus laughing, annoying Cray-Cray too.

The Hare and the Lions 

By Frederick Adam Wright

Though you may pass, Miss Hare, within his jaw,
The lion thinks no flesh is in his maw.
Where is your back, and where those shoulders round,
Wherein the bullock feels the deep-struck wound?
Why tease in empty sport the forest lord?

The Lonely Lion

By Amos Russel Wells

The lion was lonely;
Said he, “There is only
One way of driving this gloom from me:
I must enter into society!”
So he asked the beasts in a manner quite hearty,
To come to his cave for a little party.
On the appointed day,
In a frightened way,
A parrot flew over his head to say
That the beasts would be happy the lion to greet,
But they very much feared he was out of meat!
“Alas!” the lion cried with a groan,
And must I then live forever alone?”

I Wonder if the Lion Knows

By Annette Wynne

I wonder if the lion knows
That people are afraid
To meet him when for walks he goes
Beneath the jungle shade,
And when they scream and run away,
O, does he laugh at their dismay?
And does he say with head tossed high:
“How ‘terribully’ fierce am I”?

I’d like to know
If this is so;
But if I met a lion some day
I would not ask, I’d run away,
For surely it is not a treat
To meet a lion on the street!

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