Top Five Poems About Technology

Poems About Technology

Technology is one of the most important source nowadays. Everything is connected to technology. We can do everything easily with the help of technology. I have collected some poems about technology to share with you.

A successful country always depends on its technologies.
We can share everything with the help of technology. It has become a part of our lives. If we look around us, we will find technology everywhere.

Everyone is learning new things from this source. In addition, we communicate with others with the help of technology. Here are some poems about technology.

Books Vs Technology

By Thomas Davies

I’m explaining to the people of the world
What Fate of Ten stands for
And my persistent craving for books
Bur does it look as if they understand?
They don’t
And that’s the problem
Of the dark world I’m finding myself in
And that’s the problem
Of a world full of people that doesn’t read
Something I thought would’ve


By Tommy 

Your technology gives you away
I didn’t ask it to tell me
But when I went on our last conversation
It showed me the last time you’d seen it,
About 20 minutes before I had.
You’re doing exactly what I am,
I don’t think you want to let go
Not yet
Even though I know we need to.
I just have one question,
That drunk message you sent me,
Does it betray you more than you’d hoped?

The Technology Dance

By Stuart Lee

All of the dance moms are on their iPhones-
All I have is my notebook.
Pen-scratching on paper, I am…
Old school.
An island of last century
In a sea of modern marvels of technology.

Technology ?

By Tannor Fortin

The World Relies On What I Despise,
We Thrive On Its Soulless Power,
To Our Demise,
And We Hope To The Skies,
The End Of Its Mighty Hour,
Technology Will Fall So Fast,
And Most Of Us Won’t Know What To Do,
As We Continue Thriving On The Past.

Technology Is Our Future

By Edwina Reizer

Technology is our future.
That’s what they all say.
But I think our future
is getting in our way.

We, as humans
are becoming robotic.
So much so
that it seems idiotic.

We rely on machines
to tell us what to do.
If the computers are down
no one has a clue.

The kids play with joysticks
held tightly in their hand,
mowing people down
as fast as they can.

DVD video games
are all the rage now.
Kids don’t skip rope anymore.
They’ve forgotten how.

Every day another gadget
is every kid’s dream.
Just flick the tube on.
There’s the advertising scheme.

Now what we have happening
I’m sure we all can see
is the technological giants
created a false reality.

Just sit and watch closely
that most kids we see today
don’t know about simplicity
when it comes to play.

They long for it, I know.
For that’s how we are made.
We’ve instincts for being human,
not robots on parade.

We cannot stop technology.
It’s gone too far for that.
But progress must be sensible
and not replace humans to be an automate.


How has technology influenced writing?

Technology has enabled writers to publish their work faster and share it with readers across the globe.

What is the role of technology in writing?

such as electronic dictionaries, spell checkers, reading pens, and translators can help students find, learn, and use the appropriate content vocabulary in their writing.

Is writing a form of technology?

Ancient and modern writing are technologies in that they are methods for arranging verbal ideas in a visual space.

How does technology help authors?

Technology impacts how authors publish and promote their works and how they interact with readers.

Why is digital writing important?

Digital writing can help students develop critical thinking skills and support learning across all subject areas.

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