Short Poems About December

Poems About December

Poems About December, the twelfth and final month of the year, is like the year’s grand final. It is full of emotions and memorable moments. The days are shorter and it’s pretty cold outside, but inside we have the warmth of holidays and fire to keep us happy and warm.

December nights have a unique atmosphere. The air is crisp, and the world seems quieter. In this December poetry collection, we are going to explore some poems about December that will help you keep smiling.

Poems about December capture the feeling of chilly air and the excitement of the holidays. As you read through this collection of December poetry, you’ll discover the magic of this month. December may not be your favorite month, but going through some lovely December poetry might help you feel the beauty of this season.

Come, Come, Thou Bleak December Wind

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Come, come, thou bleak December wind,
And blow the dry leaves from the tree!
Flash, like a Love-thought, thro’ me, Death
And take a life that wearies me.

A December Day

By Sara Teasdale

Dawn turned on her purple pillow
And late, late came the winter day.
Snow was curved to the boughs of the willow.
The sunless world was white and gray.

At noon, we heard a blue jay scolding.
At five, the last thin light was lost
From snow-banked windows, faintly holding
The feathery filigree of frost

December Days

By Caleb Prentiss

Ruthless winter’s rude career
Comes to close the parting year;
Fleecy flakes of snow descend,
Boreal winds the welkin rend.
Reflect, oh man! and well remember
That dull old age is dark December.
Soon, the year of life is gone.
When hoary hairs like snow come on.

An Interview

by John B. Tabb

I sat with chill December
Beside the evening fire
“And what do you remember?”
I ventured to inquire,
“Of seasons long forsaken?”
He answered in amazement,
“My age you have mistaken;
I’ve lived but thirty days.”

In the heart of December’s embrace

A Symphony of Snowflakes

A symphony of snowflakes takes place
Each intricate design, unique and rare
Falling gently through the crisp winter air
Covering the earth in a blanket so pure
Transforming the world with a beauty demure
As we watch from our windows, faces aglow
Captivated by December’s enchanting snowshoe

Whispering Winds

Whispering winds of December nights
Carry secrets of joy and delights
Through frosted branches, they dance and sway
Guiding us towards the end of the year’s play
With a gentle touch, they rustle the leaves
And sing soft melodies as the old year heaves
The promise of new beginnings is on their wings
As December’s whispering winds, sweet hope they bring

The Warmth of December

The warmth of December, a paradoxical notion
As winter’s chill sets the world into motion
But within our hearts, the fire burns bright
As we gather together, sharing love and light
Friends and family, laughter and cheer
The warmth of December, bringing us near
Though the cold may surround us, we’ll never be frozen
For the warmth of December keeps our hearts woven

Icy Morning

Frost on windowpane
Sunrise breaks December’s chill
Nature’s art unveiled

Festive Spirit

Gleaming lights twinkle
Laughter fills the crisp night air
Hearts warm with joy’s glow

Funny December Poetry

The First Rudolph

Once, an old cabbie named Fred
had a nose that glowed bright red
then a call from a bar
put an elf in his car
and since has lead Santas sled

Don’t Tell

Don’t ask! don’t tell!
Daddies are in the well.
It’s ok, you won’t go to hell.
Don’t ask, don’t tell!
Never kiss and tell.
don’t tell lies; go into your shell.
I asked, I told,
Now I am in a hole.
Living like a hermit,
Washing off the scabs of shame,
Believing I”m to blame. don’t ask!
Don’t tell me I”m drowning in the well.
Sinking into the depths of hell,
Floating all alone.

Debit Card Folly

Jingle bells my sleigh ride’s broke
Gaudy gifts for “ice cool” folk
Diamond pay card season blind
Misspent flurry on mankind!

Don’t Forget

But don’t forget
They’re always there,
even when the night seems harsh.

The coldness
slowly creeping in,
makes you want to sleep.

But don’t forget
there isn’t snow,
without the lack of heat!


Who is the poet of December?

A December Day is written by Sara Teasdale. This poem is mentioned in the table content.

What are some 12-line poems?

A 12-line poem is called a “dodecasyllabic” poem or a “quaternary” poem. Examples include sonnets and some variations of the quatrain.

What type of poem is a winter poem?

A winter poem can be a descriptive, lyrical, or seasonal poem that focuses on the theme of winter.

How is winter described in the poem?

Winter is described as a lifeless season in the poem. The poet says that winter seems to be lifeless for birds; they die, as they cannot move freely in summer. Fish in this season become firm in the frozen water, which looks slimy and sticky. .This symbolizes winter as a lifeless and gloomy season.

What symbolizes winter?

Snow, ice, bare trees, and cold weather often symbolize winter in poems.

How would you describe the beauty of winter?

The beauty of winter is often described as serene, with its glistening snow, crisp air, and a sense of tranquility.

What is a 1-line poem called?

A one-line poem is often called a “monostich.”

What’s a 3-line poem?

A three-line poem is typically called a “tercet” or “triplet.”

These are the poems about December.

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